If it is vinyl flooring that you prefer, our range is also vast - 4m wide sheet vinyl, vinyl planks and commercial vinyl. Sheet vinyl is quick to install and very easy to maintain – and it comes in a wide range of designs. A relatively new product, vinyl planks are ideal for those who want a timber-like floor, minus the maintenance. Our collection of vinyl planks includes both Karndean and Decoria loose lay planks

Heres our selection. 


Fantastic-Looking Vinyl Planks for Brisbane Properties

Many homes and businesses in Queensland are looking for a durable, low-maintenance solution when it comes to providing an interior surface for furnishings and foot traffic. Vinyl planks are a classic, reliable option that come in a huge variety of styles, colours, patterns and textures.

This product style can be laid over a variety of existing surfaces, and has excellent durability and a high level of water resistance. Advances in the manufacturing industry – and printing technology – allows this product range to simulate a variety of other materials. For example, timber look vinyl flooring is growing in popularity in Brisbane, as it looks just like a real wooden floorboard solution – but without the maintenance and upkeep concerns.


General maintenance of your new vinyl flooring is a breeze. After installation of your new products, wash the surface with a mixture of warm water and the manufacturer’s recommended floor care product then rinse thoroughly with warm water. When dry, simply damp mop with the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning system. Sweep, damp mop or vacuum your floor regularly to remove dust and grit which can scratch and mark your vinyl planks.

The CVT team chooses to use suppliers that include Pegulan and Polyflor. Check with us to determine the manufacturer of your particular floor product, in order to receive the most accurate care instructions.

DO NOT use caustic ammonia, solvent based cleaners or wax polishes to clean your standard or timber look vinyl flooring.

Please note, some rubber products, such as mats or chair stoppers, can cause permanent staining and should be avoided.

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