Our Guarantee

Please note that the benefits outlined in this guarantee are in addition to the rights and remedies entitled to consumers under the Fair Trading Act and the Trade Practices Act.

Guarantee of flooring product

CVT Flooring supplies only carpet, timber, vinyl, bamboo and laminate flooring products that are guaranteed by the manufacturers.

In the event of a complaint concerning unsatisfactory quality, CVT Flooring will, on behalf of the customer, arrange for the manufacturer or their agent to inspect the product. Should the product prove to have a manufacturing defect or fault, CVT Flooring will install an equivalent product at no cost whatsoever to the customer.

The specific characteristics of carpets, as detailed herein, are accepted as an integral part of the product:

  • Printed and foam backed carpets cannot be pattern matched. Foam backed carpets can rarely be properly seamed.
  • All cut pile products are subject to flattening and matting. These include nylons, wools, polyesters, polypropylenes and blends. In plush or velvet pile carpets, pile shading can take the appearance of watermarks.
  • Striped, multi-striped and waste yarn carpets cannot be matched.
  • Spun products such as Berber or plushes can pill and shed.
  • Under Australian Standards, manufacturers are granted a 5% tolerance, and technically no exact pattern match can be guaranteed in patterned carpets.
  • A wise colour choice will add years to the life and appearance of carpets.

Guarantee of underlay

All underlay (excluding felt) used in the installation of carpet is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer for the life of the carpet.

Guarantee of installation

CTV Flooring guarantees that the installation of carpet/ timber/ vinyl/ bamboo/ laminate flooring will be carried out in a workmanlike manner. CVT Flooring will rectify any faults caused by faulty workmanship, provided that complaints of this nature are notified to CVT Flooring as soon as they become apparent. This guarantee is void if other tradespeople interfere with the installation, i.e. cleaners, builders etc. This guarantee is not transferrable.

Guarantee of performance

Should CVT Flooring be unable to supply and/or install the selected carpet/ timber/ vinyl/ bamboo/ laminate flooring product by the agreed upon date, provided the carpet/ timber/ vinyl/ bamboo/ laminate product is a normally stocked line, the customer has the right to choose another stocked line up to 10% more expensive than the originally selected carpet/ timber/ vinyl/ bamboo/ laminate product at no extra cost.

Guarantee exclusions

The following are excluded from CVT Flooring’s Guarantee:

  • Customer's dissatisfaction with product type and colour selected;
  • Wearing caused by normal usage including but not limited to flattening, matting, shedding, pilling and shading; and
  • Obvious manufacturing faults not brought to CTV Flooring's attention immediately.

Furthermore, CVT Flooring’s Guarantee does not apply to discontinued lines, seconds and remnants, when sold as such.

Consumer warning

Customers are urged to maintain their carpets/vinyl/timber and laminates in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer.