Environmentally Friendly Bamboo - Affordable solid flooring

If you love timber flooring, you’ll fall head over heels for Quick-Step ARC Bamboo… not just for its good looks, with its long and wide boards, but also for its strength and durability.

An eco-friendly durable choice that is a timeless addition to any home.



Affordable Strandwoven Bamboo Flooring for Brisbane Properties

Incorporating the natural world into your home or business has many advantages. It can often be much cheaper than springing for high-end synthetic materials, it can work beautifully when considering a natural or organic look, and natural materials have plenty of advantages that man-made products can’t reproduce.

Choosing genuine strandwoven bamboo flooring in Brisbane is an excellent floor solution for any modern home or business – particularly ones that have sustainability and ecological friendliness in mind. That’s because it’s produced from plants that grow to a harvestable size in a fraction of the time it takes most trees to reach maturity. Also, the production of floor brands such as ARC bamboo is much more ‘green’ than chemically-treated or manufactured materials: it’s a naturally grown and harvested resource.

Our ARC bamboo floors are similar to our hardwood range in terms of appearance and feel. We tend to use the ‘floating’ installation method, where the floor product is not directly attached to the surface below. This prevents moisture transmission from the subfloor, which adds to the lifespan of your floor product and keeps it looking as good as possible.

We supply and install 100% genuine Quickstep bamboo flooring, which is a trusted and reliable brand found throughout Australian properties. It’s fully guaranteed by the manufacturer, which adds to this product range’s reputation for hardiness and durability.

If you have any questions about the suitability of these floor solutions for your property, don’t hesitate to contact us at CVT Floor Centre.

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