Laminate floors offer an affordable alternative to real timber flooring while still obtaining the natural striking look of wooden flooring! Including a waterproof surface along with being low maintenance and scratch resistant, laminate floors give the perfect option for busy households.

Our high-quality laminate flooring comes in a wide range of different colours and patterns, to suit a range of different décors. This particular product is very quick and easy to install – and even quicker to clean and maintain.

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We Supply Quality Laminate Flooring throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Interested in taking an affordable and cutting-edge approach to the floor covering in your home or workplace? It’s a great idea for any home or business owner to consider installing quality laminate flooring. Our Brisbane customers have found that nothing else is comparable in terms of durability and ease of maintenance.

These products are installed easily, do not require as much maintenance as fabric-based or timber floor solutions, and have an excellent lifespan. This is due to their multi-layered construction from durable synthetic materials, which includes the addition of a top ‘wear layer’. This layer is specifically manufactured to protect the display and core layers of your laminate flooring, absorbing surface impacts and scratches.

This synthetic construction also means that these floor solutions are resistant to stains and mould. It’s possible to have floorboards that look nearly identical to teak, redwood, oak and various other kinds of wood – but without any of the maintenance concerns that come with these materials.

At CVT, we’re sure to source our products from trusted suppliers such as Quickstep and Floating Floors. This provides you with the best quality finish and a reliable product that will serve you well for decades.


Your new laminate flooring can stand up to all sorts of treatment and is easy to clean. A broom, vacuum cleaner or wipe over with a damp cloth is all that is needed to remove marks left from day-to-day wear and heavy traffic by guests, children or pets.

DO NOT polish, steam clean or add detergent to the water when cleaning your laminate floor products.

Use only the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning liquid added to the water and a well-wrung mop.

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